Verity Allen Acupuncture is now offering evening slots at Enso

Verity Allen Acupuncture has been working at Enso for the past few years helping people resolve their issues using acupuncture; migraines, IBS and back, leg and shoulder pain are common complaints that Verity sees regularly in the clinic. Her talents lie particularly in treating fertility and has helped lots of women to conceive naturally or as a support through IVF procedures. She now is working an evening slot here to make her clinic more accessible for people working throughout the day. Contact Verity Allen Acupuncture using the contact details below to book an appointment today.

verity allen acupunctureVerity Allen Acupuncture Clinic beginnings: I remember sitting in a circle amongst other fresh-faced, budding students during my first lecture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. We were asked to share with the group why we had chosen to study acupuncture. People were talking about their positive experiences having received acupuncture themselves. Others were talking about how much evidence-based research there was backing acupuncture to be an effective treatment. I only really had one answer… I wanted to help people.

I had no idea of the science behind it, the thousands of years old system that kept the medicine alive all these years. I also had no idea of just how holistic the approach seemed to be. This idea that everything about you is so interconnected, that something so minor as a mild change in your emotional state, or even a mild change in the weather, pulls on your body’s resources to adapt and deal with the changes. And it’s how your body adapts that is so key.

Within Verity Allen Acupuncture clinic, in its simplest form, is to instruct qi. The needles are simply facilitators for this. They provide us with a connection to the exact area where qi is in abundance. Acupuncture points (of which there are 361) are specially chosen because they are areas where little pools of qi form. They lie in the fascia between skin and muscle, which is why the needles don’t need to be inserted too deeply in order to have an effect. An acupuncturist will be able to feel when the needle has reached its destination. The qi from the patient and practitioner will have made a connection and the patient will definitely be able to feel it. It’s unlike any sensation they will have ever felt and can best be described as a dull ache or a radiating sensation. It’s not painful, just different. Once the connection is made, the magic happens!

This article on Verity Allen Acupuncture will be continued in next month’s newsletter from Enso Healing Rooms, and also posted in this blog.

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