Therapists BristolEnso Healing Rooms has a team of dedicated professional therapists offering a wide range of alternative treatments, you can read through the list below to find the best therapists Bristol offers.

We have therapists who offers a wide range of therapies from Acupuncture to Counselling, from Massage to Physiotherapy. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience under one roof and feel privileged to have all these therapists Bristol based.


Sarah May  07929 252756 Email Sarah Here

Neil Kingham 07985 916114

Henry McGrath 0117 9049947 Email Henry Here

Bowen Therapy

Nikki Sutton Murray 07811 053833 Email Nikki Here

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Emily Zarkow 07775 348849 Email Emily Here


Cat Chappell 07422 972165 Cat Here

Dawn Challoner 07540 422538 Here

Ginny Bates 07888 584650 Email Ginny Here

Jessica Fish 07792 623237 Email Jessica Here

Nichola Gascoigne 07913 649 850 Email Nichola Here

Paul Lewis 07719 524249 Email Paul Here

Sarah Weaver 07470 307190 Email Sarah Here

Silvia Kreienkamp 07760 387755 Email Silvia Here

Steve Moore 07411 189925 Email Steve Here

Tamany Baker 07973 690041 Email Tamany Here

Victoria Room 07939 062878 Email Victoria Here

Hypnotherapists Bristol

Orla Kirby 07984 128511 Email Orla Here

Peter Appleton 07905 952043 Email Peter Here

Massage Therapists Bristol

Bernard Porter (Equipoise Massage) 07905 952043 Email Bernard Here

Chris Morgan (Holistic Massage) 07795 663620 Email Chris Here

Cliff de la Croix (Thai & Sports Massage) 07726 30174 Email Cliff Here

Diane Rodgers (Holistic Massage) 07704 200594 DianeRodgersMassageandBodywork Email Diane Here

Natalie Young (Remedial Massage) 07790 095750 Email Natalie Here

Natasha Nawasawat (Thai Massage)  07548 564705 Email Natasha Here

Neil Kingham (Tui Na Massage)  07985 916114


Becky Mahoney 07922670713 Email Becky Here


Ian Reinge  07917 301410 Email Ian Here


Daria Hernet  0744 0411801 Email Daria Here

Jamie de Carvalho 07748307380 Email Jamie Here

Nigel Felton 0747 9192385 Email Nigel Here

If you have any questions about the treatments that we have available at Enso please feel free to contact us at the clinic by emailing this link here alternatively you can call us on (0117) 9425832. We look forward to hearing from you.