Therapists BristolEnso Healing Rooms has a team of dedicated professional therapists offering a wide range of alternative treatments, you can read through the list below to find the best therapists Bristol offers.

We have therapists who offers a wide range of therapies from Acupuncture to Counselling, from Massage to Physiotherapy. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience under one roof and feel privileged to have all these therapists Bristol based.


Sarah May  07929 252756 Email Sarah Here

Neil Kingham 07985 916114

Barbara Gregorkiewicz  07903 880208 Email Barbara Here


Emily Mews  07909 754378  Email Emily Here

Faenia Moore 07974 658469  Email Faenia Here

Ginny Bates  07588 584650 Email Ginny Here

Silvia Kreienkamp 07760 387755 Email Silvia Here

Hypnotherapy Bristol

Carolyn Taylor 07582 455124 Email Carolyn Here

Stephanie Betschart 07731 784254 Email Stephanie Here

Massage Therapists Bristol

Chris Morgan (Holistic Massage) 07795 663620 Email Chris Here

Ella Jay (Holistic Massage) 07704 275545 Email Ella Here

Laura Moy (Sports Massage) 07880 349295 Email Laura Here

Neil Kingham (Tui Na Massage)  07985 916114

Maddie McGowan (Sports Massage) 07811 958439 Email Maddie Here


Joanna Klekotko 07757 054865 Email Joanna Here

Shamanic Healing

Eddie Peacock 07776 837658 Email Eddie Here

If you have any questions about the treatments that we have available at Enso please feel free to contact us at the clinic by emailing this link here alternatively you can call us on (0117) 9425832. We look forward to hearing from you.