Results on Acupuncture Anxiety Treatment

acupuncture anxiety treatmentThis month, acupuncture anxiety treatment was run as a clinical trial to find out if acupuncture does help with this condition.

A group of adults was chosen from a group of adults with chronic non-responding anxiety who have been through the NHS system with no effect. This group of people are currently costing the NHS a huge amount of money, with no beneficial outcome.

The study had already had some pilot studies carried out.

Two groups were formed, one acting as a control group and the other were treated for 10 weeks with regular acupuncture anxiety treatment.

The study showed that there was a significant drop in patients stress levels compared to the control group. State anxiety scores went from 57.7 to 38.8, massively significant.

This is what the report stated as a conclusion,

“Acupuncture is a promising intervention for patients with chronic anxiety symptoms that have proven resistant to other forms of treatment.”

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