Sports massage Bristol city centre based therapist Cliff de la Croix

Sports massage Bristol City Centre is available on the Cheltenham Road, near to the Arches from Cliff de la Croix.

Although termed Sports massage you do not need to be an athlete to experience the benefit a treatment will provide.

Its purpose is to regain normal function from our body’s soft tissues (which may have been compromised by current or previous injuries, our working environment or simply bad posture) and to prevent future injury.

This is done by assessing the area of dysfunction in order to devise a treatment plan to manage & rehabilitate.

Sports massage Bristol City Centre uses various manipulation, deep tissue massage and stretching techniques to release restrictions within muscles & joints.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an eastern holistic massage based upon 10 of the main energy lines (Sen lines) in the body, which impacts our physical, mental and emotional states. Using hands, elbows, knees and feet, pressure is applied to the Sen lines, with the client in both passive and stretched postures. The effect of this is to stimulate the flow of energy and remove any blocks, bringing the body back into harmony.

Traditional Thai massage is a wonderful, relaxing massage where the client’s body is stretched in various yoga postures, leaving a feeling of lightness and energy. It is performed on a mat with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing to allow the stretches.

Sessions usually last 90 to 120 minutes, although a Thai style massage can be performed in 60 minutes, targeting requested areas of the body. However the full balancing effect will not be achieved.


HypnoMassage is a unique, new service developed by Joanna O’Brien(Cert. Master of Hypnotherapy & NLP) from Inside Out NLP Coaching and myself.
We work together during your 60 minute session to create and design an experience which is totally relaxing, therapeutic and tailored to you.

Hypnosis can help you change and improve your life by guiding you to access powerful areas of your un-concious mind. Many people experience it as a blissful, dreamlike state, which is accessed by using hypnotic suggestions. Joanna will design a series of suggestions using your imagination and the images that you love best to enable you to move beyond unhelpful feelings like anxiety to a more positive state.

sports massage bristol city centreBoth of us as professional therapists, work together during your session to create and design an experience which is totally relaxing. Whilst listening to Joanna’s soothing voice, you will be receiving a gentle, calming massage, to the front or back of your body, or a slightly firmer one depending upon your preference.

A HypnoMassage session is designed to release the stored tension from your body while also allowing the power of your mind to achieve benefits like relief from pain, anxiety, worry and any other issues you may want to address. It is also excellent in increasing your own natural positivity, improving energy levels and sleep disorders.

Prices are:

1 hour massage – £40
1 1/2 hr massage – £55
2 hour massage – £65
1 hour HypnoMassage – £60

* to include Thai Herbal compress – add £10

A full consultation will be carried out to advise on treatment.

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Sports massage Bristol city centre Close to the Arches on Cheltenham Road, Cliff de La Croix who offers Sports Massage Bristol City Centre works within Enso Healing Rooms, see address below