Psychotherapy Bristol Daria Hernet at Enso Healing Rooms

Daria Hernet

Here are many reasons to seek therapy

– You experience personal, relationship or family difficulties
– You suffer from low self-esteem
– You struggle with depression, anxiety or fear
– You have difficulties coping with stress
– You experience bereavement
– You lost the meaning of life
– You want to explore your inner resources, so you can face difficulties encountered
– You want to understand yourself better and grow as a person
– You need support

We will start where you are and go from there.

About Daria Hernet

I’m a Gestalt Psychotherapist trained with Cracow Gestalt Institute (IG, previously ITG; EAP and EAGT accredited) and a member of EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) and UKAGP (United Kingdom Association for Gestalt Practitioners). I hold a Psychology degree and have gained clinical experience through placements with Inpatient Mental Health Services, Neurosurgery Clinic and Emergency Child Care Center.

For many years I’ve supported children and young people with severe and complex learning difficulties and additional care needs. I also facilitated support group for people experiencing mental distress.
Currently I work in private practice in Bristol. My work is supported by regular professional supervision. I follow the code of ethics of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).

Working with people and for people has always been my passion and a very enriching experience. Each person is unique and this uniqueness deserves to be discovered, respected and supported. I invite you to contact me if you found yourself in a difficult life situation, struggle with problems or questions that you can not find the answers for, you want to understand your relationship with the world and want to get to know yourself better.

What is Gestalt?

Gestalt originates in the existential-humanistic tradition in psychology.
Gestalt practice is an encounter with other person, ‘a way of being and doing’, rather than algorithm for a therapy situation. The dialogue between therapist and client is in the centre of healing process. The Gestalt practitioner and client are partners, within an authentic dual relationship. The aim is for the client to discover, explore and experience who they are and what they potentially can become. The therapist accompanies the client on the road that the client chooses to explore.

The therapeutic encounter is not only verbal. Gestalt integrates and combines non-verbal methods also, such as sensory awareness, breathing, body or voice, dream work, psychodrama and creativity (i.e. drawing). The individual works at the rate and level that suits him/her, according to what emerges in the present moment. The emphasis is on becoming aware of what is happening ‘here and now’ (present experience may of course include feelings about a past event). Or, as Fritz Perls liked to put it, ‘now and how’. It is not just a matter of ‘knowing why’: Gestalt adds ‘feeling how’, ‘experiencing how’, which motivates change.

In Gestalt therapy a person is seen as capable, through self-awareness, of choice and therefore responsible for it. Each person is believed to posses the resources to live effectively and happily.

How does it work

The first meeting is a chance to meet each other and see if you could benefit from working with me. It is a good time to discuss your expectations, reasons to start therapy and ask any questions you may have.
If you would like to continue, I suggest 3 meetings, where you can decide what you would like to focus on and for you to decide if further therapy with me will be beneficial. It is also a time for me to decide if I’m able to offer you support you need.

The sessions are 50 minutes long, weekly and usually the same time each week. My fee is £40 per session.

Contact Daria Hernet

If you would like to contact me to make an appointment, you can:

Telephone: 0744 041 1801