Eddie Peacock – Shamanic Healer

Shamanic healing is a powerful tool that works deep within one’s self. Incorporating sound and energy weaving to bring balance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual).

Every session is tailored to meet your needs and is provided in a safe and sacred manner. Eddie uses techniques that can extract mental & emotional blockages, break negative patterns & behaviours, and help make you feel more like YOU.

Eddie is an experienced & qualified healer. He has embarked on many years training, including three years of courses with the renowned healers Jay & Kestrel from the Bridget Healing Centre (Glastonbury’s oldest and most established healing centre). Eddie gained accreditation with “The Call of the Shaman – Shamanic Healing Training” certification after completion of an extensive case study. He is also a student member of the Healing Trust where he is studying a further two year healing course.

What to expect

At the beginning of the session we discuss what you would like to achieve from shamanic healing. This can be dealing with a specific issue, general wellbeing or simply curiosity.

You will lie on a comfortable massage couch and be led into a deeply relaxing state.

Healing energy is channelled in conjunction with sound. Sound instantly bypasses the mind and facilitates deep healing. Different sounds are used to cleanse, heal & balance the physical and energetic body (including your chakras). Physical touch is used to enhance the channelling of energy. Energy blockages can be perceived as a heaviness in the body. These are extracted and may be felt like a weight being lifted. The healing will reweave your energy, restore balance and establish a deeper connection to your true self.

Each session is 1-2-1 and lasts for one hour at a cost of £40.

Contact Eddie or visit the website to find out more.

Contact Eddie

Website: www.eddiepeacock.com

Email: eddie.peacock@outlook.com

Telephone: 07776837658

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