Ian Reinge Bristol Physiotherapist at Enso Healing Rooms

Ian Reinge BristolIan is a state registered Physiotherapist but also holds an additional degree in Sport and Exercise Science (human biomechanics) as well advanced diplomas in Sports Therapy and Sports Massage. He has been treating for 25 years and is one of only a handful of people in the country registered to all four professions. In addition to treating he also teaches and assesses for industry providers.

His approach is rather unique in that over the years his four professions have gradually become increasingly entwined to the point that he instinctively blends all four disciplines together within assessments and treatments. Whilst being extremely holistic he favours a heavy leaning towards physical science, dealing with the established ways in which the of the bio mechanics of the body relate to the environmental forces that act upon it.

The result is an extremely in depth but often surprisingly straightforward explanation of why an injury or pain has occurred in the first place and how to not only treat it but prevent the issue from reoccurring. In addition, specialist areas such as gait analysis, bio mechanical assessment and integrated bike fitting simply form part of standard assessments and treatments rather than expensive add on’s.

Ian treats the entire spectrum from life’s everyday aches and pains and postural issues and specialises in sports injuries from recreational to serious athletes. His time and in his profession and level of training means he also looks after number of G.B., Comonwealth and Olympic athletes both past and present.

Contact Ian Reinge Bristol Physiotherapist

You can contact Ian directly on 07917 301410 or find out more about Ian and his wife Gina at their website