Homeopathy treatment: Harmful or not?

Homeopathy treatmentI have to admit, that these days I cringe slightly when I start to read a paper on Homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy treatment has taken such a beating in the last decade from the ‘medical’ world it’s amazing they can find new damning things to write about.

The latest paper I found was trying to be just as damning, but to be honest there are some positives that can be taken from it. There was all the usual “no more effective than a placebo” stuff by various professors from all over the place. Which is fine and we’ve all heard a lot.

There was also the usual stuff of no-one being able to find anything at all in the the homeopathic remedy. Fie too, we all know that. However, what Peter Fisher, director of research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine did find in a study of 450 patients who had acute upper respiratory problems, including allergies, found that 82% of patients receiving homeopathic treatment alongside conventional therapy did not show any symptoms against the 68% that did not receive homeopathic treatment.

Mr Peter Fisher also found that people receiving homeopathy treatment alongside conventional therapy used less antibiotics and nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs.

What was clear from this though was that Homeopathy treatment shouldn’t be used as a substitute to therapies proved to be effective, only as a additional therapy. It is up to the individual practitioner, as it is with all therapies and treatment to be the judge of what is best for the patient.

This article was taken from this article on Homeopathy treatment