Head and Face Massage benefits in the run up to Christmas

For the month of December, Karen Dexter Stead, a massage and healing practitioner at Enso Healing Rooms is giving you the chance try out her therapy. Head and Face massage benefits i so many ways, We’ll think you’ll be surprised.

She’s offering 60mins Tibetan Head and face massage benefits with energy healing for £35, and 60mins chakra clearing and re-balancing for £35 for December only – to help de-stress with the run up to Xmas.

Background on Karen

head and face massage benefitsFor nearly 20 years of my life I have been a scientist – albeit environmental in training. Having an academic ethic drummed into me that science must be black or white and never getting the chance to investigate the grey areas; this never sat well with me. I always like to see the bigger picture, not only from a human point of view but from a holistic earth point of view. Views and behaviours of ancient civilistaions have fascinated me and really been a push for where I am today.

I have battled with chronic fatigue since I was 16 years old and have learned (the hard way!) that I can’t run my life according to others’ needs. I have had several setbacks with adrenal fatigue, some more debilitating than others, but have always managed to bounce back and have learnt eventually from my mistakes that I do not need to push myself beyond my limits to achieve.

I became drawn to Reiki & Seichem after a bad phase of burn-out one year, and the results were amazing; the energy from Reiki & Seichem simply got me back on my feet!​

I am self-employed, running both the holistic and environmental side of my business. I have a therapy room near West Buckland, Somerset and offer you to discover the head and face massage benefits one afternoon per week in Bristol @ Enso Healing Rooms. I also work from Eastcott Barn, Sheldon (East Devon – Blackdown Hills www.eastcottbarn.co.uk) providing training for those who wish to become Tera-Mai (TM) Reiki & Seichem healers, and teach workshops on healing, meditation, chakras, shamanic journeying, etc on a regular basis.

Get head and face massage benefits by contacting Karen today

Tel: 07710 978203
Website: www.kingfisherhealth.co.uk