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Enso Healing Rooms Directions

If your looking for Enso Healing Rooms directions this is the page for you. Enso Healing Rooms has two entrances, depending on the time either is fine to use.

The entrance straight into the clinic is on Cheltenham Lane, just off Cheltenham Road. To get to this entrance, walk along Cheltenham Lane (opposite Brookfield Road), turn right and follow the lane. You will see the sign for the Enso Healing Rooms. Simply ring the door bell and someone will let you in and show you to the waiting area. Here you will be able to read magazines and make yourself a nice cup of tea while you wait for your treatment.

enso healing rooms directionsAlternatively, you can access Enso Healing gRooms through the Enso Martial Arts shop. The shop is open between 10am till 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am till 5pm on Saturdays. You can use this entrance whenever the open is open and someone will show you where to go.


Enso Healing Rooms has two of its’ own car parking spaces on Cheltenham Lane. You are welcome to use these if the space is available for customers of Enso Healing Rooms.

enso healing rooms directionsYou can also park on the main road, Cheltenham Road, on any of the single yellow lines between 10am and 4pm  and from 6.30pm onwards for free. Do not park outside of these times as they will remove the vehicle to free the bus lanes. Saturday and Sunday you can park all day for free.

Free parking can also be found on Station Road, up from Enso towards to Arches for one hour.

Additional parking can be found on roads opposite Enso Healing Rooms on Brookfield Road and Winsley road, which is £1 to park for an hour.

Cheltenham Road

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