Drinking Green Tea latest research, or is it!

drinking green teaHaving recently visited the home of tea, Mount Wuyi in China. It’s a beautiful place, where you can walk up the mountains and through the tea plantations. Also Mount Wuyi has the 3 original tea bushes of which all tea in the world comes from. I was naturally interested when I read this recent bit of research. There has been a lot of research on drinking green tea and a huge more amount of claims regarding the benefits of drinking green tea

Losing weight, increasing brain power, anti-imflamatory, anti-cancer are among the many claimed ‘benefits’. However, the latest research finds something that you wouldn’t expect. I hoped that drinking green tea has the unusual effect of improving the quality of an MRI image. Having recently had a lot of MRI’s on a back issue and also drinking large quantities of green tea I would have been the perfect candidate for this research but never mind, next time.

However, the research shows that simply drinking green tea before an MRI will do the trick. The experiments involved the use of nanoparticles and coating them in a layer of green tea. This natural overing helps the nanoparticles get to their required destinations in the body then useful for the MRI image.

Even so, it’s an interesting story and makes me enjoy my cuppa even more.

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