Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment with Qigong exercise

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatmentThis month some research came out looking at the effectiveness of Qigong exercise as a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment, with regards to sleep, fatigue, and depressive symptons.

The exercises they used were the BaDuanJin, a series of eight exercises and one of the most common series of Qigong in China. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment comprised eight sets of movements and said to keep the body strong. I myself have seen this being performed at the Shaolin Temple, China by the monks that live there. But people all over China will practice this. If you want to learn more about this you can read it here at wikipedia

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment was 16 x 1.5 hour sessions over a 9 week period. Given to 150 participants all suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome. All participants had their symptoms assessed prior to the study, during after and 3 months after.

Each participants kept their own records of Qigong practice and sleep pattens.

What the study found was that the larger amount of QiGong practice improved directly the quality of the sleep the participant was having. Also assessment found that depression symptoms improved a well as general fatigue.

The BaDuanJin is an effective tool as a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment for sufferers with regards to sleep issues.

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