Chinese massage Bristol therapy rooms offers half price deal

Chinese Massage BristolChinese massage Bristol therapy rooms is offering a half price during October. Initial treatments are available at £30 rather than the usual £60. This deal is running only for new clients only.

Chinese Massage Bristol is traditionally called Tui Na (pronounced ‘twee nar’, and sometimes known as ‘anmo’) is ancient form of Chinese massage therapy and one of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is some 3000 years old, and many modern massage styles such as Swedish massage and Shiatsu are derived from it.

It is effective for all manner of physical and muscular problems, and is also a kind of ‘acupuncture without needles’ which is able to treat the same internal conditions as acupuncture.

Tui Na massage therapists work with both the physical body and the energetic body; They use what you would recognize as massage techniques to ease the knots and tension out of muscles, and at the same time work with the meridians and acupoints to regulate and balance the flow of energy (Qi).

Sometimes, Chinese Tui Na is called ‘acupressure massage’ as it uses acupressure, and other manual techniques, to stimulate the same points that are used in acupuncture.

About Neil at Chinese Massage Bristol

Neil holds Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage qualifications from prominent British colleges, and a certificate in Traditional Chinese Nutrition from Yao San university in Los Angeles, and has also completed an advanced clinical internship in China at the Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Neil has experience treating a wide range of conditions and complaints of all kinds. He has worked in diverse settings with a range of clients including young sports-people, children with learning difficulties, corporate groups, and various health organisations.

Contact Neil Kingham at Chinese Massage Bristol

Chinese Massage practitioner Neil Kingham is currently offering a full consultation and initial treatment for new clients for only £30 (normally 60)

You can contact him via his website at or call direct on 07985 916114.